VerbMusic Is About Living Out Beautiful Fantasies

…Even The Ones That Seem Impossible

3 Of My Top Fantasies That Seem Almost Impossible Are…

  • Grow 9 inches taller in my adulthood. So far I’ve “grown” from 5’7½” to just over 5’9″. It’s been a surreal experience. Like a dream. My very identity is transforming. Seven more inches and I’ll reach the height of 6’4″.
  • Develop a SkinTight Muscular Physique. The last time I was a “skinny” kid was when I was 7 years old. To live in that type of body again would be a surreal experience for me. And to have the muscles I’ve always dreamed of… Beautifully Surreal.
  • Reach millions with VerbMusic and art.
  • Dunk! That would be a bonus.

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